Work With Me

Ali's AdventuresAli’s Adventures is open to partnerships, sponsorships, and advertising. I’d be happy to discuss ideas and work together on projects. My goal is to find partners whose ideals match well with mine so I can continue to encourage others to travel by writing about things I believe in. Check out the Beyond Vacation page for more about my travel philosophy.

I am also a freelance travel writer and copywriter. If you are interested in having me write articles for your website or publication, I am open to discussing options to work with you. I have written about travel and expat life for websites and magazines.

Ali’s Adventures is a fast growing travel blog with engaged readers all over the world. My site encourages and inspires others to travel, either solo or with a travel partner. Ali’s Adventures shows people that travel can be inexpensive without going bare-bones. Readers often ask me for advice about packing, travel destinations, lodging, and more.

Be sure to check out my other site Travel Made Simple. Depending on the situation, I am often able to arrange partnerships there as well.

Why should you work with me? I have professional experience, a long track record of travel experience, and my audience trusts me.

How will you benefit? I have over 12,000 followers on Twitter, over 800 followers in Pinterest, over 760 Facebook fans, and more than 12,000 monthly pageviews. Travel Made Simple has over 585 Facebook fans and more than 133,000 monthly pageviews.

I have worked with various tourism boards, such as Emilia Romagna, San Marino, Belgien Tourismus, Frankfurt Tourism, and Portugal Tourism, and companies such as Walks of Italy, Eating Italy Food Tours, Taste Hungary, and eBags.

Want to learn more? Please check out my media kit here. I look forward to hearing from you!