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Travel Spending

A big part of planning for a trip involves figuring out how much it will cost you to travel. What’s expensive in one place can be extremely cheap in another, and costs will be different than what you spend at home. I’ve seen plenty of posts out there about how to travel on some tiny amount per day, and that’s great, but it isn’t how I travel. I’m not a luxury traveler by any means, but I don’t travel on a bare bones budget either. Here’s a look at my travel spending and real travel budgets.

Over the past few years, I’ve been tracking what we spend when we travel. It helps Andy and I make sure we don’t go overboard, and it helps us plan going forward. As a way to help you, my readers, I’ve written travel spending posts to show what it costs to travel to different locations. The posts are all listed here, and as I write more I will add them. Some are trips I took by myself, and some are trips me and Andy took together, and it will always be noted in each post.

Hopefully this will get you started in planning your trip budget! For more help, read How to Make a Travel Budget and Saving Money to Travel.

travel spending

Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is a very inexpensive place to travel. You can eat for a full day on what it would cost you to have one meal in Europe or the US. Decent lodging options are available at extremely affordable prices. Buses are cheap, and even flights from one country to another can be reasonable if you don’t want to endure a long, bumpy bus ride.

Southeast Asia overview
Southeast Asia overview – more recent trip
Cambodia – more recent trip


Australia is a big country, and you can’t see it all in a few weeks. Though I have visited several parts of the country, I wasn’t tracking my spending until I visited Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road. In a lot of ways Australia is even more expensive than the US or Europe, so this is where I feel it’s more important to watch your budget.


Central America

Central America is relatively inexpensive, especially food and transportation. But that also means it can be a good place to splurge on activities and nicer hotels.

Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador


Living in Germany makes it easier for me and Andy to travel to other parts of Europe. It’s probably my favorite part of the world because of all the history and diversity in cultures. This is definitely not a cheap part of the world, but don’t be deterred by the costs. Like Australia, Europe is big, so with limited time, you’re better off picking one country or one small region.

Europe for two months
Netherlands – Amsterdam
Italy – Amalfi Coast
Italy – Rome
Italy – Cinque Terre
Italy – 1 month in Pisa and Tuscany
Spain – 1 month in Sevilla
Germany – Hamburg
Germany – Munich
Germany – Nuremberg and Bamberg
Germany – Dresden and Leipzig
Germany – 3 months living in Berlin
Poland – Poznan
Poland – Warsaw
Hungary – Budapest
Denmark – Copenhagen
France – Paris
Czech Republic – Prague
Cyprus & Northern Cyprus

I use the Trail Wallet – Travel Budget & Expense Tracker app on my iPhone to track our expenses, and I really love how helpful it is. I even use it to track my spending at home. I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for an easy way to track your travel expenses.

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real travel budgets - travel spending
real travel budgets - travel spending