How Much I Spent Traveling in Kosovo

Kosovo turned out to be one of the cheapest countries I’ve ever traveled to. Maybe not quite as cheap as Southeast Asia, but not too far off. They use the euro, but prices were still low. It was an interesting country to visit due to its recent past, and I highly recommend spending some time there if you get the chance. Here’s how much I spent traveling in Kosovo for four nights/five days.

Total Kosovo Spending

The totals are listed in US dollars and euros.

$133.47 / 121.50€ – accommodation
$54.93 / 50€ – transportation
$54.16 / 49.30 – food
$2.20 / 2€ – activities
$244.76 / 222.80€ – total

This does not include the cost of my flights between Berlin and Pristina, which was 70.90€ ($77.89) round trip on easyJet.

how much I spent traveling in Kosovo

Accommodation spending – $133.47

I stayed in mid-range hotels throughout my trip. You can spend even less if you stay in a hostel, but I prefer my own space and my own bathroom. My hotels in both Pristina and Peje were 30€ per night, and the one in Prizren was 31.50€ per night. They were all decent enough, though the only one I’d absolutely recommend is Hotel Semitronix in Peje. For accommodation, I averaged about $33.37 per night. Hard to beat that!

how much I spent traveling in Kosovo - Peje hotel

Transportation spending – $54.93

The only reason my transportation was this high was because of taxis. There isn’t any public transportation option for getting to and from the Pristina airport. I booked a taxi ahead of time through my hotel to get from the airport into Pristina, and that was 15€. I paid 20€ to get back to the airport at the end of my trip. I also took a taxi to the bus station in Pristina, which was 3€, and three long distance buses around Kosovo were 4€ each. Check bus schedules here but buy your tickets on the ground.

how much I spent traveling in Kosovo

Food spending – $54.16

Pristina had lots of cute restaurants and cafes along the pedestrian street. The food wasn’t overly impressive, but it wasn’t bad at all. I bought some bananas at a local market to eat for breakfast for a few days, and I bought snacks here and there. I didn’t have any alcohol while in Kosovo, mostly because I don’t often drink when I’m traveling solo. For five days in Kosovo, I averaged about $10.83 per day on food. I’m still shocked by this number.

how much I spent traveling in Kosovo

Activities spending – $2.20

The only activity I did that cost anything was visiting the monastery in Peje. There was no entry fee to see the castle ruins in Prizren. Pristina has some museums you can visit, and there are a few other things here and there that will cost you some money, but overall this isn’t a high budget category.

For such a small country, Kosovo certainly packs in a lot of activities. Check out this detailed Kosovo itinerary for more ideas of what to do there.

how much I spent traveling in Kosovo - Peje monastery

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with how inexpensive my trip to Kosovo was. Budget isn’t the top reason for you to visit this country, but it sure does help. Explore Kosovo’s recent history. Admire the beautiful scenery. Go hiking if you’re the outdoorsy type. And enjoy saving a lot of money while you’re there. For five days in Kosovo, I spent $48.95 per day, plus the cost of my flights.

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how much I spent traveling in Kosovo
how much I spent traveling in Kosovo