How Much I Spent Traveling in Cyprus and Northern Cyprus

Cyprus was a beautiful island and an intriguing country. It was never high on my list of must-see places, but I’m glad I went because I really enjoyed my time there. Also, after visiting the 7 smallest countries in Europe, I liked being able to check off the 8th smallest. Here’s how much I spent traveling in Cyprus and Northern Cyprus for 8 nights.

Total Cyprus Spending

The totals are listed in US dollars and euros. Since Northern Cyprus uses the Turkish lira, I will note the lira conversions in the descriptions. This was a solo trip for me, so all numbers are for one person.

$536.58 / 479.09€ – accommodation
$72.30 / 64.55€ – transportation
$239.38 / 213.73€ – food and alcohol
$29.92 / 26.71€ – activities
$878.18 / 784.08€ – total

This does not include my flights between Berlin and Cyprus, which cost $264.13 (235.83€).

Accommodation Spending – $536.58

This was for 8 nights in 5 cities: Larnaca, Kyrenia (Northern Cyprus), Nicosia, Limassol, and Paphos. Three of them were apartment style rooms with some form of kitchen, and the other two were more traditional hotels that had breakfast included. By far the best hotel was the one in Nicosia, but the hotel in Paphos was a very close second. For 8 nights in Cyprus, I averaged $67.07 per night on accommodation.

how much I spent traveling in Cyprus

Transportation Spending – $72.30

Transportation in Cyprus was actually really cheap. It’s not a big country, so even long distance buses were very affordable. The only reason this amount is so high is because the bus schedule and pick-up point in Larnaca got all wonky the day I was leaving because of a national holiday parade. I ended up getting a private transfer (along with another couple for half of the journey) which cost 45€ ($50.40).

Long distance buses in the Cyprus were usually 4 or 5 euros. The minivan shuttle I took from Kyrenia in Northern Cyprus to the northern part of Nicosia was 5 Turkish lira (about $1.75 or 1.55€). Every local bus I took was 1.50€ (about $1.68).

how much I spent traveling in Cyprus

Food and Alcohol Spending – $239.38

I wasn’t overly impressed with the food in Cyprus, but that’s probably because I had a hard time really getting away from the touristy areas. I mean, I ate at TGIFriday’s my first night. Also, the only alcohol in this total is a few ciders I had at dinner on my last night in Cyprus because I don’t drink much when I’m traveling by myself.

Food on the southern side of the island was similar to Greek, and food on the northern side was similar to Turkish. Neither side was overly expensive, but traveling in Northern Cyprus was definitely cheaper. I only spent 101.50 lira (about $35.26) on two dinners, one lunch, and a bunch of snacks in Kyrenia. I averaged $29.92 per day on food.

how much I spent traveling in Cyprus

Activities Spending – $29.92

As you can see, activities in Cyprus were pretty cheap, too. I visited castles in Larnaca, Kyrenia, Limassol, and Paphos. I visited ruins near Limassol and two sets of ruins in Paphos. And I went to the top of a not-so-tall tower in Nicosia to get a view of the city. Entrance fees ranged from about $2 to $5 for each place. If I had been there during high season, I would’ve considered a tour, but I apparently I was a month too early.

how much I spent traveling in Cyprus

If you’re looking for a gorgeous, warm getaway, Cyprus could be a good choice. I loved that I could sit on the beach or by the pool and explore castles and ruins all in one place. And while I don’t often revisit countries, if I ever need a quick escape from the cold that’s not so far from Berlin, I’d consider going to Cyprus again. Helps that it’s not so pricey. For 8 nights, I averaged about $109.77 (98.01€) per day traveling in Cyprus.

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how much I spent traveling in Cyprus
how much I spent traveling in Cyprus