How Much I Spent Traveling for One Week in Paris

When my best friend started planning her trip to come visit me in Berlin, she told me she didn’t want to spend her whole time in Berlin. Understandable, Europe is a big place with lots to see. After looking at some options, Paris was the clear winner on her wishlist, so I planned us a one week trip to the city of lights. Here’s a look at how much I spent traveling for one week in Paris.

Total Paris spending

Amounts are listed in euros and US dollars.

660€ / $742.50 – accommodation
61.75€ / $69.46 – transportation
281.10€ / $316.24 – food and alcohol
549.70€ / $618.41 – activities
9.80€ / $11.03 – miscellaneous
1,562.35€ / $1,757.64 – total

Total accommodation spending – $742.50

This was my HALF of seven nights in this midrange hotel a little less than a mile from the Eiffel Tower. The hotel was decent enough but definitely looked better in the pictures. It was just around the corner from a metro stop, which was great, and easy enough to walk to the Eiffel Tower, but there weren’t a lot of restaurants near the hotel. But this shows you that a mediocre hotel in a relatively good location will be pretty pricey. Accommodation averaged out to $106.07 per night, but remember this was my half, so the full cost was $212.14 per night.

How much I spent traveling for one week in Paris

Total transportation spending – $69.46

This includes a 10 pack of metro tickets plus a few single tickets, the train from the airport (10€ per person) and a shuttle from our hotel to the airport (9€ per person). Other transport costs include my train ticket from Paris to Chartres (16€) and my ticket from Chartres to Versailles to Paris (16€). The transportation total does not include my flights to and from Paris.

How much I spent traveling for one week in Paris

Total food and alcohol spending – $316.24

The hotel we stayed at had breakfast, but I incorrectly thought it was included with our booking. When I asked the guy at check-in where breakfast was, he simply told me “downstairs” but didn’t point out that it wasn’t part of our booking or how much it was. We got charged 8€ per person per day for four days of breakfasts. Even though I had my own breakfast in the mini-fridge because I couldn’t eat 99% of what was on offer at the hotel’s breakfast. I was LIVID that the check-in guy never told us, and there was no arguing that charge away. Lesson learned: ALWAYS ask, even if you think it’s included.

Since we were staying in a hotel, we ate out for every single meal. Some meals were quick roadside stand type meals, others were in nice restaurants. We snacked and drank wine, too. Rachel tried a little more wine than I did, so her food and alcohol spending was probably a bit higher than mine. My food and alcohol spending averaged out to about $45 per day.

How much I spent traveling for one week in Paris

Total activities spending – $618.41

This is a lot more than I normally spend on activities, but it’s probably a little closer to what the average visitor to Paris might spend. Tours and activities included a food tour, a Loire Valley castle and wine tasting tour, a 2 day hop-on-hop-off bus plus boat ticket, a Moulin Rouge show, a skip-the-line Eiffel Tower ticket, an audio guide at Chartres, and entrance to Versailles. I averaged about $88.34 per day on activities.

How much I spent traveling for one week in Paris

Total miscellaneous spending – $11.03

I don’t typically buy souvenirs, and this one barely even counts. I bought two spice mixes from a specialty spice shop we stopped at on our food tour. Bump up this category if you like to buy souvenirs when you travel.

How much I spent traveling for one week in Paris

Paris is not a cheap city. Expect to pay a lot for decent accommodation and decent food. Check out Airbnb if you want to cook some of your meals. The metro is easy to use and will save you money on getting around town. Ask your hotel about airport shuttles; ours was cheaper than taking the train. But make sure you splurge occasionally too. The food tour, Moulin Rouge, and the Loire Valley castle tour were especially worth the price. For one week in Paris, I spent about $251.09 per day.

More info to help you plan your trip to Paris:

I use the Trail Wallet – Travel Budget & Expense Tracker app on my iPhone to track our expenses, and I really love how helpful it is. I even use it to track my spending at home. I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for an easy way to track your travel expenses.

how much I spent traveling for one week in Paris
how much I spent traveling for one week in Paris