How Much I Spent Traveling in Copenhagen

Denmark is not a cheap country. It’s not the most expensive country in Europe, but it’s towards the top of the list. It’s also really pretty, at least from the little I saw while I was there. Definitely a country I’d return to if the opportunity came up. I spent three nights in Copenhagen and did several activities to make the most of my short visit. Here’s how much I spent traveling in Copenhagen.

how much I spent traveling in Copenhagen

Total Copenhagen spending

I listed amounts in three currencies this time: Danish krone (dkk), euros, and US dollars.

Accommodation: 0dkk / 0€ / $0
Transportation: 202dkk / 27.09€ / $29.80
Food: 713.50 dkk / 95.64€ / $105.20
Activities: 910 dkk / 112€ / $134.20
Total: 1,825.50 dkk / 244.73€ / $269.20

This does not include my flight from Paris to Copenhagen (100.96€) or my flight from Copenhagen to London (87.25€).

Accommodation spending – 0€

The hostel I stayed at in Copenhagen invited me to stay there for free for a few nights during my visit, so I didn’t spend anything in this category. The price of a private twin room with private bathroom (the room I stayed in) ranged in price from about 100€ to 150€ per night depending on the day of the week. So yeah, Copenhagen isn’t cheap. If I hadn’t gotten this room for free, that’s about the price range I would have booked on my own.

how much I spent traveling in Copenhagen

Transportation spending – 27.09€

Copenhagen isn’t a terribly big city, so I only used the metro to get to and from the airport. Metro tickets to get to and from the airport cost 36 dkk (4.80€ / $5.30) each direction. I also purchased a regional train ticket that was valid for 24 hours for the day I went to see castles outside the city, and that cost 130 dkk (17.40€ / $19.10).

how much I spent traveling in Copenhagen

Food spending – 95.64€

I didn’t find food in Copenhagen to be much more expensive than someplace like Germany. I bought some bananas for breakfast and a few other little snacks from a grocery store, a couple bottles of water, plus lunches, dinners, and two glasses of wine. This averaged out to 31.88€ per day on food.

how much I spent traveling in Copenhagen

Activities spending – 112€

On my first day, I went to see two castles outside of Copenhagen. The Fredriksborg Castle entrance fee was 75 dkk (10€ / $11) and the Kronborg Castle entrance fee was 90 dkk (12€ / $13.30). I also took a food tour that cost 700 dkk (94€ / $103). Surprisingly I spent about as much on the food tour as I did on three days worth of food. One of the last things I did while exploring Copenhagen was climb the tower at the Church of Our Savior for 45 dkk (6€ / $6.60). Of course there are many more things to do in Copenhagen if you have a longer stay.

how much I spent traveling in Copenhagen

Obviously I would’ve spent a lot more money here without the comped room, but overall it wasn’t a super expensive trip. If you’re on a tight budget, consider staying in a hostel dorm instead of a private room. You could also check Airbnb for apartments or even a room in someone’s apartment. For three days, I averaged 81.58€ per day traveling in Copenhagen, which probably would’ve been around 210€ per day with accommodation.

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how much I spent traveling in Copenhagen
how much I spent traveling in Copenhagen