How Much We Spent Traveling in Nuremberg and Bamberg

Nuremberg and Bamberg might not be on everyone’s travel wish list, but they are really interesting Bavarian towns. Andy and I spent three nights in Nurember and took a day trip to Bamberg. We had a great time exploring these two cities in September, despite the rain, and I’d highly recommend spending a few days there if you’re taking a longer trip around Bavaria. Here’s how much we spent traveling in Nuremberg and Bamberg.

Total Nuremberg and Bamberg Spending

Amounts are listed in euros and US dollars.

190.80€ / $248.04 – accommodation
29.70€ / $38.61 – transportation
225.57€ / $293.24 – food and alcohol
18€ / $23.40 – activities
3€ / $3.90 – miscellaneous
467.07€ / $607.19 – total

We also spent 175.50€ ($228.15) on our two round trip train tickets from Freiburg to Nuremberg.

Total accommodation spending – $248.04

Andy and I stayed at this hotel a few metro stops out from the center. It was a nice enough place, but if we had a do-over, I’d probably look for something closer to the old town. We were there for three nights, so we averaged $82.68 per night, or $41.34 per person per night.

how much we spent traveling in Nuremberg and Bamberg

Total transportation spending – $38.61

This was what we spent on local transport in Nuremberg, plus our portion of a Bayern ticket the day we went to Bamberg. Each state in Germany offers a statewide ticket that’s valid for up to five people traveling together on regional trains (not the fast trains, so not the IC or ICE trains) and local city transport. Transportation in Germany is pretty great in most places.

We also bought a few single metro tickets plus a day ticket on Saturday, which in Nuremberg is valid for the whole weekend. Don’t forget to write your names on it. For three days in Nuremberg, we averaged $12.87 per day, or about $6.44 per person per day on transport.

how much we spent traveling in Nuremberg and Bamberg

Total food and alcohol spending – $293.24

Our hotel did not include breakfast, which we’re fine with in Germany because bakeries are everywhere. We went to one near the metro station and got pastries every morning. Lunches and dinners were at restaurants that served traditional Nuremberg and Franconian food, and we probably spent a little more than we normally would. Andy had a few beers and I had a few drinks, but we didn’t have too much alcohol that weekend. We averaged about $97.75 per day, or $48.87 per person per day on food and alcohol.

how much we spent traveling in Nuremberg and Bamberg

Total activities spending – $23.40

This was for a walking tour of Nuremberg. The guide took us around the city, showed us the major sights, and told us lots of history while we fought to keep somewhat dry in the rain. The tour was 9€, or $11.70, per person.

Total miscellaneous spending – $3.90

After we checked out of our hotel, we put our bags in a locker at the train station so we wouldn’t have so much to carry around. There are different sized lockers at the Nuremberg train station, and the size we picked was 3€, or $3.90. There are bigger lockers if you have full-sized suitcases.

how much we spent traveling in Nuremberg and Bamberg

Like most of Germany, Nuremberg isn’t exactly cheap, but it’s well worth a visit. I love all the history here, and I love the German architecture. Nuremberg is just a little over an hour from Munich on the fast trains, or about two to three hours on the regional trains, depending on which option you choose. And Bamberg is only 45 minutes from Nuremberg. Either could make a good day trip from Munich, or if you’re spending more time exploring Bavaria, consider spending a few days in Nuremberg.

You can certain save money on lodging by staying at a cheaper hotel or at a hostel. You can save money on food by eating at local sausage stands for lunch and choosing more economical restaurants for dinner, but be sure to try some of the local food. We averaged $202.40 per day, or $101.20 per person per day traveling in Nuremberg and Bamberg.

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how much we spent traveling in Nuremberg and Bamberg, Germany
how much we spent traveling in Nuremberg and Bamberg, Germany