How Much We Spent Traveling in Singapore

Singapore is expensive, there’s no way around it. But it’s a great place to ease your way into traveling in Southeast Asia if you’ve never been there. It’s also an easy airport to get to from other parts of the world, so even if you’re going somewhere else in the region, it’s worth considering spending a few days here before flying to your final destination. Andy and I spent three nights in there at the beginning of our trip and one more night at the end. Here’s a look at how much we spent traveling in Singapore.

how much we spent traveling in Singapore

Total Singapore Spending

Expenses are listed in Singapore dollars (S$) and US dollars. I’m using S$1.25 per US$1 as the exchange rate since our two stops there were seven weeks apart and the exchange rate changed.

S$459.84 / US$367.87 – accommodation
S$51.80 / US$41.44 – transportation
S$226.65 / US$181.32 – food and alcohol
S$78 / US$62.40 – activities
S$28.85 / US$23.08 – miscellaneous
S$845.14 / US$676.11 – total

This does not include our round trip flights from Zurich to Singapore which cost 1,590€ or about US$2,194, our flights from Singapore to Phnom Penh, Cambodia which cost 96€ or about US$132.50, our bus tickets from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Singapore which cost 90 ringgit or about $27.45, and our train tickets from Freiburg to the Zurich airport and back which cost 56.80€ or about US$78.38.

Accommodation spending – $367.87

As I mentioned, Singapore is expensive, and accommodation is the area that hurts the most. We looked at private rooms in hostels, but the prices weren’t any better than budget hotels and usually had shared bathrooms, which wasn’t worth it to us without a savings. To make matters worse, since space is at such a premium in this tiny country, the hotel rooms are equally small. We ended up with twin beds in the hotel we stayed in for the first three nights, and they were so bad I woke up sore. The hotel we stayed in our last night was nice but so tiny I could barely walk between the end of the bed and the wall to get in and out of the bed. It did have a nice rooftop pool though. For four nights, we averaged $91.97 per night, or $45.98 per person per night.

how much we spent traveling in Singapore

No, we did not stay at this hotel.

Transportation spending – $41.44

Public transportation in Singapore is wonderful. Like the rest of the country, it’s organized, air conditioned, modern, efficient and clean. Before we left the airport we saw a ticket counter and asked about transport passes. A three day pass cost S$20 (US$16) per person. We just had to buy singles to get back to the airport to fly to Cambodia (since it was day four and our passes had expired). We also bought two single tickets each at the end of our trip.

how much we spent traveling in Singapore

Food and alcohol spending – $181.32

Singapore has tons of amazing food options. There are hawker centers scattered all around the city where you can find cheap and delicious food, but there are also lots of expensive upscale restaurants as well as American chains. We mostly stuck to hawkers and other inexpensive options during our first three days there, but we splurged a little at the end of the trip. To give you a better idea of what food costs, we spent US$106.80 during our first three days there. We spent US$74.52 during our final 30 hours in Singapore because we ate at Chili’s, Subway, and Starbucks, plus some snacks for the flight. We only had one beer each one night during our time in Singapore. Overall for four days, we averaged $45.33 per day, or $22.67 per person per day.

how much we spent traveling in Singapore

Activities spending – $62.40

The only activity we spent money on in Singapore was the Night Safari. Tickets are S$39, or US$31.20, per adult. It’s a little pricey but well worth it.

>>Book tickets to the Night Safari Zoo here.

Miscellaneous spending – $23.08

We didn’t buy any real souvenirs in Singapore, but Andy needed flip-flops at the beginning of our trip. I used our remaining Singapore dollars to buy Tiger Balm at the airport, and we paid for showers at the Singapore airport right before our 13 hour flight.

how much we spent traveling in Singapore

Don’t expect Singapore to be as cheap as the rest of Southeast Asia. If you’re willing to stay in hostel dorms, you can save money on accommodation. Food can be inexpensive if you stick to the hawkers and don’t splurge on western chains. However, there’s a lot to see here and it’s a convenient starting point for a trip to Southeast Asia. Andy and I averaged US$169.03 per day, or about US$84.51 per person per day for four days traveling in Singapore. When planning a visit to Singapore, think European or US prices, not Southeast Asia prices.

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how much we spent traveling in Singapore
how much we spent traveling in Singapore