How Much We Spent Traveling on the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast was where we recovered from so many weeks of traveling through Europe too quickly. It’s such a gorgeous part of Italy, and even though there are tons of activities to do and so many beautiful sights to see, we mostly just sat around enjoying the view. We needed that time to slow down. As a result, we didn’t have too many costs beyond lodging and food. Here’s how much we spent traveling on the Amalfi Coast for a week.

Total Amalfi Coast Spending

595€ / $779.45 – accommodation
32€ / $41.92 – trains
57.20€ / $74.93 – other transportation
212.92€ / $278.93 – food and alcohol
26€ / $34.06 – activities
6€ / $7.86 – miscellaneous
929.12€ / $1,217.15 – total

Accommodation spending – 595€

We found apartment rental, this time through, in a small town called Minori. When we were looking for a place to stay, we saw a handful in Maiori, the next town over, for just 245€ for a week, but once we realized they didn’t have a view of the sea, we decided to splurge. We’re so rarely in a place with such a gorgeous view, we had to go for it, and I don’t regret it at all. Accommodation costs come out to 85€ per night, which really isn’t expensive especially considering the location.

how much we spent traveling on the Amalfi Coast, Italy

Train spending – 32€

This was for our train tickets from Naples to Salerno on our way to Minori. There are no trains to the Amalfi Coast itself, so from Salerno we took a bus.

Other transportation spending – 57.20€

Our transportation expenses include the bus from Salerno to Minori for 3.80€ per person, another 3.80€ per person to get back to Salerno at the end of the week, and 5€ per person for round trip bus tickets between Minori and the town of Amalfi. I also included the boat we took from Amalfi to Positano and back, which was 16€ per person round trip.

how much we spent traveling on the Amalfi Coast, Italy

Food and alcohol spending – 212.92€

We definitely took advantage of having a kitchen here. Maybe because we were exhausted, maybe because there weren’t tons of options in Minori, maybe we just didn’t want to go up and down 87 stairs too often, but we actually did a great job of minimizing our spending in this category while in Minori.

We ate out a few times and had gelato a few times, but I think we only had alcohol at a restaurant once. Most nights we bought four cheap beers (two each) from the little grocery store near our apartment for a total of 2.80€ and drank them from our terrace and soaked up the view of the sea.

This averages out to just 30.42€ per day, or 15.21€ per person per day. Increase your budget in the food category if you think you’ll eat out more often than we did.

how much we spent traveling on the Amalfi Coast, Italy

Activities spending – 26€

Given our location on the Mediterranean Sea, we decided to spend some time relaxing on the beach. For 10€ we were able to rent two beach chairs and an umbrella for an entire day, which we did twice. Even if we left for a few hours for lunch, we could come back and our chairs were waiting for us. The day we went to Amalfi and Positano, we spent an additional 3€ each to go into the Amalfi church.

We could’ve spent a lot more since there were plenty of things to do. A boat excursion to Capri or other islands was high on our list, but we just didn’t have the energy. If you’re planning on doing more activities, increase your entertainment budget.

Miscellaneous spending – 6€

This was just a few postcards and a souvenir thimble for my mom. We didn’t have any laundry expenses here because our apartment had a washing machine.

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how much we spent traveling on the Amalfi Coast, Italy

The Amalfi Coast can definitely be an expensive part of Italy. But as you can see, if you rent an apartment which allows you to cook, you can save a lot of money. And renting one in a smaller town away from the touristy towns of Amalfi and Positano will save you even more money. Activities can add up quickly if you decide to do more than sit on the beach like we did, but sometimes those experiences are worth the expense. For a week traveling on the Amalfi Coast, Andy and I averaged 132.73€ per day, or about 66.37€ per person per day, and I’ve even impressed myself with these numbers.

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how much we spent traveling on the Amalfi Coast, Italy
how much we spent traveling on the Amalfi Coast, Italy