Weekly Photo – Dogs in Rome

I love dogs. I’m constantly pointing out cute dogs to Andy. I think it annoyed him for awhile, but now he occasionally points them out to me if he sees them first. So on one of our last days in Rome when we got off the tram in front of a tiny park and I saw these dogs, I had to watch. When we first arrived, one dog was perched on the edge of the fountain, swatting at the water with all his energy. I could tell he wanted to go in but wasn’t sure if he should. The other two dogs were barking at him as if to say, “don’t do it!” But eventually he did. The other two went crazy while this one splashed around for about 30 seconds and then climbed out. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face at how adorable the whole scene was.

Rome, Italy, dogs in fountain

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