The Journey Begins!

Today we set off on our journey through Europe! It’s been a long wait, and this day couldn’t have arrived fast enough. We’ve spent the past few weeks getting our apartment ready for the renter, making last minute preparations for our trip, taking care of boring details that relate to Andy’s new status as a freelancer, and hanging out with friends one last time before we leave for almost two months.

Mostly we’ve just been waiting. We’ve had 19 days in between Andy’s last day of work and the beginning of our trip, and it turns out that might have been just a little too long. It’s already been way too long since we last traveled, and we need to travel, so having to wait even a few extra days has been frustrating.

Instead of our normal procrastination tendencies, we’ve been really good about getting things done this time. Since we knew we had a lot more to accomplish than we would for a normal vacation, we didn’t want to leave too much to the last minute and get really stressed out the last few days. Which is great, except we ended up with too much time to get antsy.

Perhaps next time we leave for a long trip, we’ll just give ourselves a week or two between the end of Andy’s contract and our departure date.

Beyond Vacation

So today it finally starts. We’re on our way to Luxembourg for a couple days, followed by almost two weeks in the Netherlands, a week in Belgium, and a couple days between Nice and Monaco. Then we will spend the entire month of June in several different cities in Italy.

I will be writing about our trip, our Beyond Vacation lifestyle, and lots more from the road and after our return to Freiburg. In case you missed the itinerary posts, you can read more about our upcoming trip here:


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