Best Blog Posts – February 2013

Despite being the shortest month of the year, February has been dragging for me. It’s still very much winter here in Freiburg, barely getting above freezing temperatures, and every time the snow is almost melted away, it snows again. Luckily I’m done with my German class (more on that later) so my stress level is going back down. Anyway, it’s time for this month’s round up of great blog posts I read. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did!

February brought a huge outpouring of articles about solo travel as a reaction to the story about a woman who was murdered in Istanbul. The people commenting on the news articles blamed the victim, as if it was her fault for being so “stupid” as to travel alone. I couldn’t pick just one post, but the following are some of my favorites, as well as some posts that rounded up a lot of the other posts on female solo travel.

Dear Dad: Please Don’t Worry (A Treatise on Solo Female Travel) by Amanda of A Dangerous Business

Female Solo Travel is NOT the Problem by Stephanie of Twenty-Something Travel

#WeGoSolo – Supporting solo women travel by Indie Travel Podcast

Ode to the Lady Traveller by Breathe Dream Go

Revisiting the Solo Female Travel Experience by Legal Nomads

Dubrovnik solo travel

Advice to my 21 year old self – by Kim of So Many Places. I really love Kim’s writing. In this post she writes advice to herself 10 years ago drawing on her experiences.

The Killing Fields in Photos – by Jaime of Breakaway Backpacker. The Killing Fields in Cambodia were one of the most depressing and heartbreaking places I’ve ever visited. Here’s Jaime’s view.

Spectacular South Africa Wildlife Photos – by The Planet D. Dave and Deb were recently in South Africa and took some truly amazing photos on their safari.

Traveling with the Aurora Photo Guide in Iceland – by Giulia of Travel Reportage. Iceland is so high on my list, and these gorgeous photos make me want to go even more!

How I Got My Mojo Back – by Gigi of The Ramble. A great, honest post about how easy it is to lose your confidence and focus on the negative instead of the positive.

Searching for my Missing Creativity and Dealing with Exhaustion – by my husband Andy of Grounded Traveler. We’ve been not-so-patiently waiting for the last details necessary to get Andy’s permanent residency visa, and the stress has taken it’s toll.

3 Years of Travelling with Hand Luggage Only – by Never Ending Voyage. I love traveling carry-on only, so I thought this was a great look at how this couple has been traveling for three years with carry-on only luggage.

I wrote two guest posts on other sites this month. I’d love for you to check them out:

Smiling Grandfather and Granddaughter in the 4000 Islands of Laos on Smiling Faces Travel Photos. This is a photo post on a site all about smiling faces encountered while traveling.

Solo Travel: Why I Didn’t Think I Could Travel Alone on yTravelBlog. In this post, I took a look back at the many years I spent not traveling because I was too scared to go alone. I’m so glad I finally took the leap and gave it a try.

I hope everyone had a great February, and hopefully March will bring some warmer weather!

4000 Islands, Laos, Mekong sunset

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