Weekly Photo – Pizza!

This week’s Travel Pinspiration theme on yTravelBlog is pizza! Who doesn’t love pizza, right? You can find pizza in almost all corners of the world in a million different variations. When you’re traveling and having a bit of culture shock, it can be a nice comfort to order pizza. We all have our own favorite place, and I even dreamed about some of my favorite pizza in Atlanta the other day, so I thought this was a fun theme.

Auckland, New Zealand

I have raved about this pizza a few times before. I lucked out in Auckland when it turned out the hostel I booked was right across the street from a NY style pizza joint. Having grown up New Jersey, this was the type of pizza I was raised on. While I’m not an expert, and some real New Yorkers might not accept anything but actual NY pizza, I truly believe Sal’s Pizza on K Road lives up to its claim. I couldn’t get enough of this pizza, and I ate there almost every day. Sometimes twice.


Gili Trawangan, Indonesia

During our all too brief stay on the Gili Islands, Amanda and I ordered what they called a Hawaiian pizza with some drinks one night. This is a Muslim part of Indonesia, so instead of ham, it came with chicken on it. It also had red and green peppers on it, which isn’t typical of a Hawaiian pizza, but it worked. The pizza was surprisingly good, and the view of the ocean was spectacular. It was one of the more memorable meals I ate in Southeast Asia.



While Andy and I were in Turkey, one of the things we tried was pide (pronounced like pita) which is the Turkish version of pizza. We ate pide in a few different places and really enjoyed it. It’s a similar dough with cheese and some combination of meat and/or vegetables, but without the tomato sauce. These were really delicious, well worth a try if you’re in Turkey. The food was actually one of our favorite things about Turkey, and reason enough to visit this wonderful country.

Check out Andy’s post about Turkish Food Beyond the Döner Kebap.


Rome, Italy

Italy, the home of pizza! These next two pictures are from our friends Erica and Shaun from Overyonderlust.com, who were in Rome a few months ago. While on a food tour, they learned how to make pizza, and it looks like it was lots of fun. I think I might have to sign up for something like this next time I make it to Rome.

Check out their post about their food tour in Rome here, but be warned, the food photos will make your mouth water!


Ok, now I’m really craving pizza!

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