Women on the Road – Book Review

Have you ever thought about traveling but you don’t know where to start? Are you a female afraid to travel on your own? Do you want to see the world but you think you can’t because you’re not 20 years old? Leyla Giray from Women on the Road can help! I met Leyla a few months ago at a conference in Portugal, and after talking to her I was excited to hear she had a ebook coming out about how to travel. Her site and her ebook are aimed at baby boomers, but I’m 32 and I think almost all of the advise and information is helpful for women of all ages.

In her book Women on the Road, Leyla walks you through all the steps you need to prepare for your trip, whether it’s a one week vacation or a year long round the world exploration. She spent three years traveling around the world when she was in her 40s, so she has an endless wealth of information to share.

Lots of people worry about safety in other parts of the world, when in fact travel is generally very safe. Her book has wonderful tips about safety and how to avoid scams. She also has lots of information about staying healthy on the road, activity suggestions for different fitness levels, and even a chapter about travel insurance.

Women on the RoadShe also gives advise on saving for travel, where to look for cheap flights, and packing tips. She provides descriptions of the wide variety of lodging options and helpful information about food safety in other countries. If you like lists, she has plenty of those too, from packing lists to a long term travel planning list. Great for staying organized!

Sometimes travel isn’t all about sitting on the beach. There are ethical concerns with giving to beggars and buying certain souvenirs. Many places offer volunteer opportunities so you can give back along the way. Leyla looks at all of these issues and helps you make smart decisions about where you spend your money, who you donate to, and how to choose a volunteer program.

Not sure where to go? For each month of the year, Leyla provides examples of places around the world that are ideal. She also has sample itineraries if you’re trying to decide where to go with a week or several weeks of vacation time.

Even aside from these practical elements of travel, the book addresses the many fears and concerns lots of women have about traveling, especially on their own. Traveling solo does not mean you will be alone, and Leyla explains the benefits of solo travel with real examples of how she often she has met people while traveling on her own. She provides loads of encouragement along with all of the how-to parts of the book. She doesn’t sugarcoat things, so you will get to read some of the negative sides of things as well. There’s even a section at the end with more than a dozen interviews with women ages 40 and up who have traveled solo.

Leyla’s aim is to show women in the baby boomer age group that travel isn’t just for the younger crowd. But I think you can benefit from this book no matter what age you are. Whether you’re 25 or 65, if you want to travel but you’re overwhelmed or scared, this book will be extremely helpful. As a seasoned traveler, even I read a few things I hadn’t thought about before. At $12.99, the Women on the Road ebook is an extremely great value for learning how to plan your trip, what to avoid, and encouragement to work past your fears.

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