Brussels Food in Photos

I know I’ve mentioned this before: Brussels is known for its food. Aside from the flower carpet, the thing I was looking forward to most was food, especially the chocolate. While we did see a lot of amazing things in Brussels, we also ate a lot. From fancy to street food, here’s a look at the highlights.

Brussels Food Day 1

Belgian chocolate is world famous, and for a good reason. Read about the fun we had making chocolate in Brussels here. But before we even got to the chocolate, we had to try frites, or fries. Just don’t call them “French” fries in Belgium! About halfway our city tour on our first day in Brussels, we stopped at a place called Fritland and ordered enough fries for the whole group, complete with a variety of dipping sauces.

We had the standard ketchup and mayo, a few different spicy ones, and then there was this weird pickle sauce, the one pictured in the upper left corner. I was not a fan. It sort of reminded me of hot dog relish, but not quite. In the end, I stuck to ketchup and one of the spicy sauces.

Dinner that night was at Belga Queen, a little more fancy that frites. I ordered lamb with potatoes, and I’m still not sure what those things were on top of the lamb. Before dinner, Andy and I tried a drink that was called half and half, which was half champagne and half raspberry beer, and it was really tasty. Angie was picking our wine for the night, which is good because I don’t know anything about choosing wine. She did well, and I quite enjoyed what I had. For dessert, the waffle with ice cream and chocolate sauce called my name. I couldn’t even finish it, but it sure was delicious!

Brussels Food Day 2

After Andy and I found all the peeing statues and checked out the Royal Palace, we met he rest of the group for lunch at the restaurant on the roof of the Musical Instruments Museum. One of the specials that day was a hamburger, so Andy and I both decided to try it. I don’t like mayo on hamburgers (or anything else really) so it’s a habit of mine to ask if it comes on the burger. The server looked at me funny but said no. I realized why asking about mayo was an odd thing when my lunch was presented to me.

Dinner that night was another fancy affair, this time at Cospaia on the terrace. Already a little tipsy from the beer tasting, I didn’t drink much that night, but I did enjoy the food. I started with duck ravioli done dim sum style, so they were really more like dumplings than ravioli. For my main course I had cube roll black Angus beef, which meant it was purposely fatty, with green beans and fries.

I really loved the variety of food in Brussels, and how even a fancy place had relatively simple food. I’m not a fan of food cooked in weird ways and done up so that I can’t even recognize it anymore, so having a really nice meal that was still simple was great. I also liked how much street food was available, and Andy made sure to try waffles from a hole in the wall place near our hotel. If I ever do get the chance to spend more time here, I will definitely be eating my way around town.