My Upcoming Travel Plans

Andy and I have been staying close to home the past few months. We want to use his vacation time wisely, plus I’m in German class every day. But when we found out my school would have a break the last half of August, we started planning a trip. Of course, after we booked major pieces of this trip, my language school decided to change the dates of the break, but it was too late to change our plans.

When we were in Assisi, Italy for the TBU travel blogging conference in April, I won a trip to Barcelona! So we started planning around that. We figured it was worth adding another destination since we knew we’d only be in Barcelona for a few days. Then the trip began to take on a life of its own.

So what did we finally end up with?

August 17-19 we will be in Brussels, Belgium. We’ll get to see the flower carpet, which only happens for five days every two years! Of course we’ll also be enjoying chocolate, beer, waffles, and silly statues like this:

Late on August 19 we will be taking the train to Carcassonne, France where we will spend three nights. It’s in the south, near Toulouse, and only a few hours from the France/Spain border. Carcassonne is known for its massive castle, and we both really love castles. But the reason Andy wants to go there is because of a board game that is set there.

On August 22 we will leave for Andorra. I’ll be honest, I just want to check this one off the list. I can be a list ticker sometimes, and this tiny country is about halfway between Carcassonne and Barcelona, so it’s hard to pass up. We will only be there for one night.

On August 23, we will hop on a bus to Barcelona, Spain where will will spend three nights. I was in Barcelona when I was 15 years old, but I don’t remember much, so I’m really looking forward to revisiting the city.

Late on August 26, we will board the only flight of our trip to go home. Four destinations in 10 days/9 nights is a bit much, but we’ll manage. At least they’re all reasonably close to each other, and Andy’s happy there’s only one flight involved.

We have also decided to go to the next TBU travel blogging conference, which is in Porto, Portugal. We’ll be flying into Lisbon on September 6 (there weren’t any cheap flights to Porto on that day) and spending the night there so we can see a little of the city in the morning. Then either a bus or train up to Porto for the conference, and home on September 12.

I still have lots more to write about Turkey, but expect some posts about these trips too! And be sure to follow along on my Facebook page for updates and photos as we travel!

Thanks to my friend Jaime of Breakaway Backpacker for letting me borrow his Brussels and Barcelona photos!