Cappadocia Hot Air Balloons in Photos

Cappadocia is known for hot air balloon rides, so we knew this was a top priority activity for our time there. Like most of our trip, we decided to wait until we got there to book, and since our hotel guy was so friendly and helpful, we went to him again for this. The company we had heard so much about was booked up, but our guy assured us that they’re all virtually the same. If any one company starts doing something different in an effort to attract more customers, the others follow suit pretty quickly. He made some calls and booked our balloon ride for the morning we were to check out. It was a gamble because the weather could take a turn for the worse and cause the balloons to cancel, but it worked out perfectly.

Like our tour the day before, the company we ended up with was not the company we were told we were booked with. We were a little annoyed, but at that point there really wasn’t anything we could do, and it’s not like we knew anything about either company anyway. And our hotel guy seemed to have secured us a discount because the price was lower than what we saw on their website during our quick research. We barely had time to fill our plates with their complimentary breakfast when they were ushering us out the door again, telling us it was time to go out to the balloons.

Andy was a little worried the experience might be too close to flying in an airplane, but luckily it barely even feels like floating. The baskets are a little cramped, but it also meant he could stand behind me. Win for him because he didn’t have to look right over the edge, win for me because I’m really short and I would’ve cried if someone was blocking my view. There really aren’t too many words to describe that view and just how amazing the balloons were, so please enjoy the photos!

Our wonderful Cappadocia balloon tour came to an end with a champagne toast. A little cheesy, but it was a nice touch. The balloon ride was definitely worth the money, and I’d highly recommend splurging on this if you in the Cappadocia area of Turkey.

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