Announcing My New Site and Get to Know Me Better!

It occurred to me that, even though I’ve been writing this blog for over two years, you might not know me all that well. So in honor of announcing my new site, and the new site Andy and I have been working on together, here are a few things you might not know about me!

The Silly Stuff

I hate touching raw meat. When I lived alone, I just dealt with getting it out of the packaging without having to touch it, but now I let Andy handle it.

When I was 11 years old, my friend Jessica and I decided to bury a time capsule in her backyard. We put a few things in a pickle jar and agreed to dig it up three years later. Note: Pickle jars are not ideal for time capsules. It smelled horrible three years later.

I love 80s music. The embarrassing kind. Air Supply. Bon Jovi. The Bangles. Def Leppard. Roxette. Debbie Gibson. Skid Row. I own over a dozen 80s compilation albums including a two disc Monster Ballads set.

At a party in college I won best Halloween costume for dressing as an 80s prom queen.

My favorite show is “Friends” and I’ve watched most episodes so many time I can quote it. I can also relate most situations back to a “Friends” episode.

The Travel Stuff

When it comes to travel, I’m a bit of a list ticker. As much as I love travel just for the experiences, the list ticking makes a fun game out of it at the same time.

There are a few countries I say I’ve been to that I probably shouldn’t count:

  • Mexico: I was on a road trip with two friends in 2003, and we spent the night in El Paso, TX. We decided to walk across the border to Mexico, not realizing that Juarez is, well…not safe. We wandered around for maybe an hour or so I think before getting really creeped out and turning back.
  • Gibraltar: When I was in Spain for study abroad, we took a day trip to Morocco. We had to go through Gibraltar to get the boat, I got entry and exit stamps in my passport, I saw the Rock of Gibraltar, and my friend Amanda claims we saw monkeys, though I don’t remember that part.

I love the planning part of travel. As much as I enjoy being spontaneous, I get so excited when I’m planning a trip. I’ve realized I enjoy the planning aspects of travel so much that I’ve started a new site to help others travel.

The New Sites!

The new site is called Travel Made Simple, because I want to help simplify travel for people who get overwhelmed by the details of planning. I want to encourage others to travel because I think the world is such an amazing place to see. On Travel Made Simple, I will show you how to travel carry-on only and other tips for packing. I will give advice on booking hotels, searching for transportation options, and making a budget. I will also help you overcome your travel-related fears and show you inspiring photography from around the world.

Andy and I have also started a new site recently called Ctrl-Alt-Travel. Andy is writing at travel and destinations from a different angle, looking at the details, and making connections between things. We also have a calendar photo a day feature that I’m running. It’s like one of those calendars you rip the page off of each day, except it’s right there on your computer, no wasted paper.

I will still be writing my travel and expat stories here on Ali’s Adventures, but I’d love it if you also joined me on the new sites and!

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