My first trip to Asia was to Hong Kong. I loved this busy, energetic city, but I also loved how easy it was to escape the noise and go somewhere peaceful. Just a short ride away from the city center on the MTR (subway) and I arrived at the cable cars that lead to Po Lin Monastery and the world’s largest outdoor seated Buddha. With so many trees around it was hard to believe this was still part of Hong Kong.

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6 comments on “Weekly Photo – Buddha at Po Lin Monastery, Hong Kong

  1. Jaime

    Oh wow that is HUGE. It looks very peaceful. Crazy that it is a part of Hong Kong.

    1. Ali Post author

      It was peaceful. It’s not on the main island, so it’s not in the center of the city or anything, but yes, still part of Hong Kong.

  2. Escape Hunter

    One would believe Hong Kong is all full of skyscrapers, smog and busy harbours full of ships… but it’s not. There’s a lot of green and behold: a beautiful huge Buddha statue.

    1. Ali Post author

      Well, there are lots of skyscrapers and busy harbors, but a short distance away is this peaceful place.

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