Weekly Photo – St. Paul’s Cathedral, Dunedin

When we were in Dunedin, Andy and I spent some time just wandering around the city center. St. Paul’s Cathedral was an imposing and beautiful church along the popular Octagon, the center of the city. Events are held in the Octagon throughout the year, including a big New Year’s Eve celebration we were able to enjoy. That night for dinner, we went to a restaurant in the Octagon, and I ordered spaghetti Bolognese.

I didn’t think it was a meal anyone could really screw up, but I was very wrong. The pasta was actually chewy. It was so bad I sent it back, but it came back to me tasting no better than the first time around. I ate what I could, and then we moved on to a bar that actually had a better view of the cathedral and the festivities in the Octagon. When we mentioned where we ate dinner, the bartenders groaned, and told us the place was horrible. At least it made for an interesting night!

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