For my first weekly photo, I thought I’d start with something from the trip that reignited my passion for travel. Though I had traveled outside the US several times before my trip to Greece, this was my first solo trip. This particular day I was on a volcano tour which included trekking up a volcano and two steep island hillsides, a lot for someone like me who isn’t in the best shape. The day ended in Oia where we watched the famous Santorini sunset. It was a tough day physically, but I was starting to realize I was mentally stronger than I thought. Over the course of that 10 day trip, I fell in love with travel all over again.

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10 comments on “Weekly Photo – Santorini Sunset

  1. Jaime

    Awww I didn’t go when I was in Athens, but it’s okay I will go back during the summer one day. You know I love sunsets & this one is great!

    1. Ali Post author

      You definitely have to go back to Greece to see the sunset in Santorini someday. If you love sunsets, you will really enjoy it there.

  2. Andrea

    Beautiful!! Such gorgeous sunsets in Santorini – and I love how everyone gathers for them and claps =)

    1. Ali Post author

      Right, almost makes you forget it’s not a one time event, it actually happens every single day!

  3. Matthew Cheyne

    I think you just busted the “Wow meter” with this picture. I already knew that Santorini was a beautiful place to visit but this picture makes me want to ditch my Uni degree (the first lecture of which will be in under an hour) and get on the first plane out of Melbourne and get over there. Very few things excite the travel bug in me like this, the music of Brazilian singer Bebel Gilberto being one of them. Did you manage to snap any more pics of Santorini? I’d love to see them.

    1. Ali Post author

      Thank you!! I took a bunch of pictures in Santorini and a few other places in Greece. There are a few in the “Greece” album, although I’m about to revamp my photos. It’s so nice to hear this inspires you to go! (P.S. Melbourne posts are coming soon!)

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