Almost exactly two years ago, I landed in Perth, Australia, marking my final continent three months before my 30th birthday. My friend Simone, who I met in Dubrovnik the previous summer, offered to show me around her city while I was there. She drove me to a national park a little outside the city where we saw dozens of kangaroos in the wild. I was drawn to Australia since I was a kid, most likely because of the kangaroos, so this was so exciting for me. I don’t think I stopped smiling the entire afternoon.

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12 comments on “Weekly Photo – Kangaroos Near Perth, Australia

  1. Matthew Cheyne

    I don’t want to wreck anything here but Kangaroos apart from being an iconic Australian animal, also make an appetizing meal. The meat from the Kangaroo has been eaten by the Australian indigenous people for thousands of years and is available in major supermarkets throughout the country at a cost cheaper than Beef and a taste that has bene compared to that of Buffalo. I once tasted Kangaroo meat in a pie at a pub just outside the beautiful German theme town of Hahndorf, South Australia, about an hour or so from the state capital of Adelaide. If you make another trip to Australia someday I highly recommend Hahndorf, the Barossa Valley and the mountains just outside of Adelaide. It’s a beautiful part of Australia.

    1. Ali Post author

      Don’t worry Matthew, you’re not wrecking anything for me. The day after I took this picture I was at Ayers Rock, and I ate kangaroo and crocodile for dinner that night. The kangaroo was pretty tasty, although the crocodile was a little tough. I’ve heard the area near Adelaide is nice, I just couldn’t make it work on this trip. Maybe next time!

      1. Matthew Cheyne

        There’s always next time. Australia is such a big country that you could travel six months straight and still not see everything that there is to see. In fact there are a lot of “grey nomads” elderly retirees who have bought mobile homes and do exact that – just traveling around Australia non stop trying to see everything they can while they still have the time and health to do so.

        1. Ali Post author

          I’d love to spend an extensive amount of time traveling through Australia. But then, there are so many places I want to explore, it’s a constant battle of deciding where to go next!

  2. Andrea

    Aww, cute! I never get tired of seeing them either. In Perth I’ve seen them mostly on the golf courses.

    1. Ali Post author

      On golf courses? Wow, that’s funny!

  3. Jaime

    Awww… I love this photo. I wanna meet a real kangaroo one day. I so can’t wait to make it to Australia one day. It’s my dream to go there… and I know I will make it happen. Oh & how was Perth… a few people have compared it to Houston. I so wanna go there when I go there.

    1. Ali Post author

      I think you’ll love Australia, but it’s not a cheap destination. I honestly can’t tell you much about Perth, I didn’t really spend time in the city. A friend showed me around, and I was only there for about 36 hours, so I didn’t see much of the city itself.

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