Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market in Photos

I love going to markets in other countries. It’s always interesting to see what kinds of things are for sale, what the prices are, if anyone haggles, and it can make for some entertaining people watching. I went to a night market in Hong Kong a few years ago and bought a knock-off Jimmy Choo purse for about US$19 after bargaining down the price, and I loved the relaxed atmosphere of the night market in Luang Prabang. One of my last days in Melbourne, Genevieve and I wandered through Queen Victoria Market, which is enormous. They sell all sorts of things such as  meats and cheeses, produce, flowers, clothing, accessories, pets, luggage, and they even have a small food court. Aside from delicious fish and chips for lunch, we only bought some fruit at the market, but it was a fun way to spend a couple of hours.

Seeing all this great food made me wish I had come here earlier in my visit to Melbourne so I could have bought some things to make dinner with at the hostel. Instead I just settled for buying an apple for a snack.

I seriously considered buying one of these T-shirts. The Thundercats may have won me over if I had seen them on a T-shirt.

Queen Victoria Market is located on the corner of Victoria and Elizabeth Streets. Click here for opening hours and other information.

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