My Trip Continues

Today I am leaving to continue my trip after a much needed two week break. Since I booked a round the world ticket, and the next flight is Ho Chi Minh City/Saigon to Melbourne, I have to get back to Vietnam. So I’m in for a very long journey.

My flight from Frankfurt takes off at 11AM and connects through Abu Dhabi and Bangkok before eventually landing in Saigon at 12:50PM December 3rd (which is 6:50AM in Germany). My flight to Melbourne doesn’t take off until 8:40PM, so I’m hoping to find a quiet corner in the Vietnam Airlines lounge to sleep for a few hours.

backpacksI’m not willing to pay for another Vietnam visa just to have a few hours in Saigon, so I have to stay in the airport. My final flight lands in Melbourne at about 9:30AM December 4th (which is 11:30PM December 3rd in Germany). In total, it will take me about 41 hours to get from our apartment to the Melbourne Airport. Probably the longest travel day I’ve ever had.

While you’re anxiously awaiting my return to the internet, please check out the interview I did for National RV Parks: Interview With Ali

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