Malaysian Borneo – Visiting the Proboscis Monkeys

After seeing the orangutans, which was pretty amazing, Amanda and I went to the Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary. Proboscis monkeys are endangered, mostly due to deforestation that destroys their natural habitat. They are found only on the island of Borneo, and this sanctuary was built in an effort to help protect the monkeys. The entrance fee was RM60 (about US$20). There are two different viewing platforms, each with two different feeding times, so you should be able to see two feedings within a few hours.

Before this trip, I’m not sure if I even heard of this type of monkey, so I was more interested in seeing the orangutans. However, the proboscis monkeys turned out to be very interesting and entertaining to watch. Maybe because there were so many of them compare to only about seven orangutans that we saw, maybe it was because they looked so human-like, maybe it was just the goofy large noses of the males, but this was the highlight of my day. Here are some of my favorite pictures of the proboscis monkeys.

Malaysian Borneo proboscis monkeys

I guess it was time for other activities in addition to eating

maybe this one was jealous?

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