Escaping the Pope – Paris in Photos

The Pope has been on a European tour this summer, and he came to Freiburg September 24-25. Knowing the entire city would be chaotic and full of heightened security and transportation headaches, Andy and I decided to go to Paris for the weekend. We booked a room through Airbnb like we did in Valencia, and we loved the neighborhood. The apartment itself was rather small but cozy and comfy, and it was close to the metro which made it easy to explore the city.

We started the day by wandering through a street market and finding breakfast at a cafe with outdoor seating. Then we walked a few blocks away, and suddenly the Eiffel Tower came into view. I came to Paris on my first trip overseas when I was 14, but it was amazing to see it again. We spent Saturday and Sunday exploring the city and seeing the famous sites, such as Notre Dame, the Arc de Triomphe, and more. Here are some pictures from our weekend escape in Paris:

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