A Sunny Christmas

I was really trying to write some great Christmas post, something witty about what I did for the holiday, comparing boats to sleighs and lizards to reindeer, but it’s just not happening that way. And do you really care to read 500 words about my Christmas vacation, especially considering how uneventful it was? In case you’re curious, I went to a tiny beach-side town called Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, which is just north of Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

I spent three days at my uncle’s house hanging out with my parents and my uncle who arrived on Christmas day. The house is on the inter-coastal waterway, so I spent most of my time sitting on the back patio, watching a few boats go by, finally setting up my feedreader, and subsequently reading many blog posts. So since most of my weekend was spent relaxing and reading blogs, I thought I’d share a few pictures of my view and a few of the posts I enjoyed reading. Also, my apologies to those of you in the northeastern United States, I swear I’m not trying to brag about the weather.

Unbrave Girl – To Do Or Not To Do: Unbrave Girl Battles Indecision (And Wins…Maybe)  Sally writes about indecision and how sometimes it really is easier to let someone make a choice for you. She is hilarious. I read more than just this post, and I highly recommend that you do too.

Brendan’s Adventures – Searching for my Salta at Christmas  Brendan writes about wandering the world and searching, sort of a quest for the meaning of life kind of post. I think most of us are searching for something, so it’s very easy to relate to.

Grounded Traveler – Authentic vs Traditional  Andy writes about the ongoing debate of finding and experiencing “authentic” travel and whether that’s even a good word to use. He also helped me with my blog’s new look – isn’t it pretty? Thanks Andy!

Don’t Ever Look Back – Our Moving Experience and Why You Should Declutter NOW!  Amy and Kieron write about mistakes they made during the moving process. They moved in an effort to save money for their round-the-world trip, but I think everyone can learn something about the value of decluttering.

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