$100 Hamburger or My Charlotte Mileage Run

I have quite a few friends who are pilots or are otherwise in the aviation industry. While a pilot is trying to build hours, there’s this idea of renting a plane and flying somewhere for lunch. Since it costs roughly $100 to rent the plane, this is often called the $100 hamburger.

mileage runAbout a month ago I was looking at my Delta Skymiles account and realized that after all the flights I have scheduled for the rest of the year, I would only be 800 miles short of gold status, which is 50,000 miles. Since the least amount of miles you can get for a roundtrip flight is 1000, I knew I had to find a way to reach the increased benefits of gold status. When Andi of My Beautiful Adventures commented on my post about Atlanta, I looked up flights to Charlotte and found it was only $108 roundtrip. After some discussion with Andi, my mileage run was booked.

Yesterday Andi and Kirsten (check out her awesome photography here!) picked me up at the airport and took me to Amelie’s French Bakery for some delicious pasteries. After lots of chatting, we  ditched the idea of walking around because of the rainy 39 degree weather and instead decided to look for lunch. We decided on Cabo Fish Taco and had some very tasty tacos: chicken for me and Kirsten, shrimp for Andi.

Even though I only got to spend 5 hours in Charlotte from being picked up to being dropped off at the airport, it was still a very fun afternoon. I really enjoy getting to meet people in person I talk to on Twitter, and it’s really nice to connect with other people who share such a strong passion for travel. Having travel friends all over the world means there’s always a chance of connecting with someone somewhere, and it makes the world feel a little smaller.

So after my version of the $100 hamburger (chocolate crousant and tacos), my mileage run to Charlotte, NC brought me another 1000 medallion qualifying skymiles. After a roundtrip flight to Ft. Lauderdale for Christmas and the first half of a roundtrip flight to Germany for New Year’s, I will make gold status on December 31, 2010 with a total of 50,200 miles for the year.

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