Opt Out of What?

I just wanted to write a quick follow-up to my TSA post from last week. Panicked about complications and delays while traveling on the day before Thanksgiving, I left work a little early to give myself some extra time to make my flight to Europe. I lucked out and found plenty of parking at the MARTA (Atlanta’s lame excuse for a subway) station, and I arrived at the airport about three and a half hours before my flight time.

passportI like the south security checkpoint because it is designated as the expert traveler line, and everyone is expected to know the drill. There were only two people ahead of me getting boarding passes checked. While I waited for those two people, I noticed only one out of four lines actually had a full body scanner. It was simple enough to get in line for an old fashioned metal detector instead. With only about a dozen or so passengers in the security area, and no pat downs in sight, opting out of the scanner would’ve been just plain silly. I’m still fully against the scanners and the pat downs, but opting out doesn’t seem like an effective form of protest, even with a bigger crowd.

On my return flight, I had to connect in JFK, and the security line only had 2 metal detectors, no scanners. I hope they do come up with a better, less invasive method of protecting us from terrorists because I think the current options are horrible. For now, I will continue aiming for the metal detectors, and if that’s not possible, I will go for the scanner. It’s a matter of personal comfort for me, and I feel extremely uncomfortable with some stranger feeling me up.

Please check back soon for posts about my trip to London and Prague!

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