Travel Plan for the Year

I’ve booked the rest of my vacation days for the year, which is sort of a relief.  I’m visiting my friend Tim in North Carolina at the end of May for a weekend.  I’m going to the Florida keys in early July for my brother’s wedding, and I’m taking a 3 day weekend to San Francisco in late July with my friend Andrea.  I have the trip to Quito in September for a Spanish class.  And I booked my Thanksgiving trip to Prague with a stop in London first.  I still need to book the flight from London to Prague but I think I’ll wait until my credit card recovers.

passportI know it seems a bit extreme, even for a planner like me, to book a trip more than 6 months ahead of time, but it was a good price and I didn’t want to take the chance of it going up.  Also, I’m currently in boring exciting Richmond, VA for work. It’s kind of nice to have the big picture decided, yet I still have enough details to plan out to keep me going while I’m in between trips.

I think I’m about to spend some time reading everyone else’s blogs for ideas for these trips!  I’m also spending two nights a week taking Spanish classes, and it’s really great to be diving back into something I’ve always loved but inexplicably abandoned.  I will keep you updated with more interesting posts about these upcoming trips and my ongoing exploration into the Spanish language.  Thanks for reading!