North Carolina Wine Country

I occasionally need a short getaway to help get me through to the next big trip, so this past weekend I went to visit my friend Tim in Greensboro, NC.  After a quick stop at Replacements, Ltd to sell four bowls ($16 – woohoo!) that were taking up space in my closet, we picked up Tim’s friend Kyle and drove to Winston for their annual Salute! NC Wine Celebration.  For a $25 entry fee (I know, my china sale didn’t even cover the entry fee) we were given a wine glass and access to dozens of local wineries and probably hundreds of different wines.  I am a wine novice, so I just tried whatever Tim and Kyle tried, as well as quite a few sweet wines they passed on but insisted I would like.  They were usually right, although I did like quite a few of the drier wines as well. 

A wine tasting festival is a tricky thing.  We walked around trying a sip at a time of various wines, all the while thinking we were hardly drinking anything because we never had more than that one sip in our glasses.  And then it hit me – I’m quite buzzed.  Ok maybe a little drunk, but hey, we had been there for about three hours.

We decided to take a break and wandered into Skippy’s where I enjoyed my first Chicago-style hot dog.  It was delicious!  The onions, the peppers, the pickle…..yum!  I’ll be honest though, I HATE mustard, so I had them leave it off.

After our energizing meal, we went back outside to try a few more wines before calling it a day.  I even bought a bottle of wine, although I can’t remember what it’s called since Tim is mailing it to me.

I had much more fun than I imagined I could in Winston, NC.  Who knew NC had so many good wineries?  It was definitely the widest variety of wine I have ever tasted, but I’m still not any closer to knowing what my favorite types of wines are.  It’s all good, right?

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