Shopping – The Hyper Way

Punta Arenas, Chile – not exactly a dream destination, but it was our last port of call before sailing south to Antarctica. My friend Amanda and I got off the ship when it docked in the morning and set out to wander the southernmost town in Chile before our afternoon excursion. Our main objective was to spend our remaining Chilean pesos, about 16USD worth. After spending about 8USD on a haircut for Amanda, we were losing hope that we’d ever find anything worth while in this little port town.

But then we saw it. A building with a big bright blue and yellow sign: HIPERMERCADO. This was not any old supermarket, this was the Hyper Market – who could resist?

We went in and started looking around. It appeared at first to be just like any other grocery store, until we noticed the music. It was an 80s lover’s dream. All those cheesy songs we loved in the 80s were clipped to the best 30 seconds and remixed to a fun dance beat, giving it a club atmosphere. We skipped and danced through the two story supermarket gathering 2 chocolate bars, a box of doughnut-shaped cookies, a few pairs of underwear, and a bottle of an alcoholic drink called Pisco Sour. Amazingly we still had enough money leftover to go back and get a 3rd bar of chocolate. But we almost didn’t want to leave because that music was just so catchy and fun.

We started the day with few expectations of the city, but we quickly found its hidden gem. It may not be listed in any guidebooks, but it was definitely the highlight of our visit to Punta Arenas, Chile.