My Solo Weekend in Cinque Terre

how much I spent traveling in Cinque Terre, Italy

One of the reasons we ended up in Pisa for a month, besides simply wanting to see more of Tuscany, was a big comic book festival in Lucca. I have no interest in stuff like that, but Andy really wanted to go. Pisa is relatively close to Cinque Terre, and since Andy had already been there but I had not, I planned a weekend solo trip while he was enjoying the comics. It was not my best solo trip ever.

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What I Learned From 30 Days of Paleo

what I learned from 30 days of Paleo

Food controls us in so many different ways. It’s unavoidable. We need food to survive. But I never really understood just controlling food can be until I spent 30 days eating a strict Paleo diet. Andy decided to join me on the experiment, which I did not expect, but it made it a little easier to take knowing we were in it together. Here’s how our month went.

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Upcoming Travel Plans

Paris - upcoming travel plans

Recently the bulk of my time has been focused on moving stress and just staying afloat. I’ve gotten way behind on blogging about our winter trip, and I’ve been dealing with some big dietary changes. But finally there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. As this post goes live, movers are lugging our stuff from the temporary apartment to our new apartment, which is such a relief. Andy and I also have lots of exciting travel plans for May, June, and July.

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A Permanent State of Temporary Being

moving to Berlin - the permanent state of temporary being

Boxes are everywhere. Sheets are taped up over the windows. Light bulbs are hanging out of the ceiling. We often have trouble finding things that are still packed away. It looks like we just moved in a couple days ago, but it’s actually been three weeks. And it’s driving me nuts.

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Emotional Attachments to Food

emotional attachments to food - Paleo

Food plays a big part in many of my memories, and I bet it does for you too. Most holidays have a big food component. Many of us reach for our favorite junk food when we’re feeling down. We break open a beer or mix up a cocktail to celebrate good times or dull the pain of bad times. Trying new and exotic food is a big part of traveling, too. But what happens when you take all that away? What happens when so many of the foods you once enjoyed, or even just the simple meals you usually prepare every week, are off the table?

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Big Changes Coming

moving to Berlin

I like to have things planned out, to know what’s coming up next. But as we all know, plans don’t always stick. Things change, life takes a different path than we expected, and we have to figure out the next step. I think Andy and I have been itching for a change for a long time now, and as many times as we tried to make plans for the upcoming months, nothing really stuck. Well, we’ve finally put ink to paper, and changes are coming.

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Dear Nomadic Life

nomadic life

I really wanted this to work out. It’s not you, it’s me. I love the idea of you more than the reality. I need my own space. I need to focus on me right now. There are plenty of other people out there who want to work and travel at the same time. I’m just not right for you.

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Learn How to Travel Long Term from the Travel School Experts

travel school

Traveling around the world for a year (or more) sounds like a wonderful adventure to many people. It’s a life changing experience, but it’s not one long vacation. Andy and I deal with a lot of details when we prepare to take our long trips. Things can get overwhelming if your plans include a career break, a gap year, travel in retirement or living on the road as a digital nomad. What if you could learn all the steps involved with planning and executing a major trip like this from experts who have gone through it all? Luckily you can – with Travel School!

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Scenes from Lucca, Italy

Lucca, Italy

To be honest, I had never even heard of Lucca until a few months before our trip to Italy. But as soon as Andy told me the city still had its medieval walls, I was excited to see it. We made it our first side trip during our month-long stay in Pisa, and luckily it was a sunny day. We loved Lucca so much, and I think it should be higher on people’s list of places to see in Tuscany.

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