Be Proud of Your Accomplishments

be proud of your accomplishments

Recently on Twitter, someone called me shallow for “boasting” about having been to all seven continents before my 30th birthday. That it wasn’t about how many, but what you get out of a place. I definitely know and agree that travel is about the experiences, so I was upset that someone was accusing me of being shallow because my Twitter profile states that I’ve been to all seven continents. She was judging me based on that, and assuming that all I cared about were the numbers.

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How Much We Spent Traveling in Southeast Asia

how much we spent traveling in Southeast Asia

Earlier this year, I spent my second long period of time traveling through parts of Southeast Asia. I didn’t track my spending the first time as well as I did this time, especially when it came to food and miscellaneous spending, so it was interesting to compare the two trips from a travel spending perspective. Both times I spent nearly two months in the region, but the first time around I solo for about half the time. This time Andy was with me, so all expenses listed are for two people.

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Top Sights in Rome to See Other Tourists

top sights in Rome to see other tourists

Rome is one of the most popular cities in the world for tourists. And I understand why – it’s a wonderful city! It’s packed with history, it’s gorgeous, the food is amazing, and there’s just so much to do there. But Rome’s popularity comes at a price. It’s hard to see the sights without also seeing tons of other tourists. Sometimes the crowds can get overwhelming, especially for someone like me who doesn’t like crowds. Here’s a look at some of the top places in Rome to see other tourists.

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Travel-Inspired Meals: Red Thai Curry

Red Thai Curry recipe

I mentioned about a month ago when I shared a Pad Thai recipe how traveling sometimes introduces me to new foods. Another meal Andy and I really enjoyed while we were in Ao Nang, Thailand was red Thai curry. We actually started making this one ourselves while we were living in Berlin, but once we went to Thailand it became one of our favorites. We’ve made this one so many times now, I don’t know what recipe I originally worked from, so I’ll just tell you how we make it now.

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Traveling is Just Doing Laundry in Other Places

travel laundry

Andy likes to say that traveling is just doing laundry in other places. Which made me laugh the first couple of times I heard him say it. But then it really started to make sense. It’s the idea that it’s still your life. All the basic things you have to do when you’re home, you have to do while you’re traveling. Eat, sleep, shower. And if you’re traveling for more than a week or so, you probably need to do laundry. It’s not the glamorous side of travel, but I’ve found that doing laundry in other places can lead to some entertaining stories.

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Scenes From Thun, Switzerland

Thun, Switzerland in photos

Freiburg is located less than an hour from the Swiss border, so there are several cities in Switzerland that are close enough for a day trip. One of those cities is Thun, located in the Bernese Oberland region. In the 19th century, Thun was the main center for foreign visitors to the Bernese Alps. Due to this booming tourism, there were tons of guesthouses, restaurants and souvenir shops contributing to the local economy. The Swiss army also had (and still has) a big presence in Thun, furthering development.

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Exploring Italy With Advice From 100 Locals

ultimate Italy guidebook

Italy is one of my favorite countries. It’s one of the few countries I’ve been to more than once, and I just can’t get enough. Two sets of my great grandparents moved to the US from Italy, making me half Italian, so maybe that’s part of why I’m so drawn to the country. But I’m now more interested in exploring hidden neighborhoods and soaking up the real Italy. It’s just not always so easy to find good information on where to find those places.

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3 Years into the Life I Never Could’ve Imagined

Ali & Andy wedding

Today is our third anniversary. Three years since we stood outside in the sweltering Georgia heat, hoping to get through the photos and the wedding ceremony before melting away. Three years since officially committing to a different kind of life. But I never really wrote about it. I never really shared the pictures with everyone, at least not online. You see, about a month after the wedding, I was boarding a plane bound for Germany, so the weeks before and after were filled with stress, anxiety, and culture shock. After three years, I’d like to finally share some of the wedding photos and stories with you here. (Thanks to our wedding photographer for all the pictures in this post.)

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Schauinsland in Photos

Schauinsland Freiburg

Freiburg is in the Black Forest, which is a mountainous area as well as a forested one. One of the highest points in our area is called Schauinsland, where you can take a ride on the longest loop cable car in Germany. The cable car takes 20 minutes and takes you up nearly 750 meters in elevation. The top of the peak is 1,284 meters high and offers gorgeous views of Freiburg and the surrounding areas. On a really clear day, you can see all the way to Switzerland.

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Not Enough Time

Lisbon, Portugal

Sometimes I wish I could be one of those people who are happy going to the same place for vacation every year. It would make things so much easier sometimes. Instead I’m constantly battling between someplace new and someplace I’ve already been to before and loved. Even with our new flexibility, there’s still only so much traveling we can do each year. I’ve ended up feeling like there’s not enough time for all the travel I want to do.

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